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UPMA withholds forest product due to illegal logging



The complaint of an alleged illegal logging of trees in the sector of Changalá, La Esperanza parish of Ibarra canton, allowed the police officers of the Environmental Unit (UPMA), of Ibarra to confiscate tools with which several trees were cut from the species of eucalyptus.

When arriving at the place, the uniformed ones in coordination with officials of Ministry of the Environment of Imbabura (MAE-I) verified that several trees were on the floor. Residents of the sector realized that unknown people had carried out illegal logging to then escape from the site.

The uniformed men found a machete, a file and a chainsaw chain, tools that were retained by officials of the Provincial Department of the Environment of Imbabura DPAI, as well as the retention of 1,044 m3 of forest product. (P. Meneses-SZ Imbabura / DNCE)


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