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UPMA rescues a parrot from the inside of a building



On Tuesday morning, a species of wildlife known as frentirroja parrot was put in a safe place by police officers from the Environment Unit (UPMA). The wild specimen entered a building located in Bartolomé Ruiz street and Obispo Mosquera, in Ibarra.

At 08:00, the owner of the building surprised by the visit of the small bird that flew into her home, did not think twice and immediately called the ECU 911, and then with the UPMA coordinate the rescue of the little parrot.

When arriving at the site the uniformed specialized in wildlife and environment, they observed that it was a wild bird known as red-eared parrot. After carrying out its rescue, the small bird was transferred to the Ministry of the Environment of Imbabura for medical evaluation. Then it was released in its natural habitat.


The red-fronted parrot has a maximum length of 35 cm. A predominant green plumage; the forehead is deep red, which in adults extends to the back of the eyes. The crown, the nape and the sides of the neck are celestial (banded). The face is an intense light green color, with the edge of the skin around the eyes white-yellowish, beak bicolor, yellowish above and below, and gray in the middle and the tip, the wings are green with the most extensive feathers and long red and then blue. The tail is green with a yellowish tip. Live species are trafficked and their activity is diurnal (Lic. P. Meneses-SZImbabura / DNCE)

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