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UPMA agents retain two trucks with forest products in Lucia bridge



Agents of Environmental Protection Unit (UPMA), retained in the Lucia bridge on Guayaquil-Daule way two vehicles that transported forest products, without carrying the enabling documentation for the mobilization of the product.

The head of the Environmental Protection (UPMA), Mayor Wilson Coloma Alatamirano, pointed out that in the Hino truck, white plate TCY-0070, driven by Luis Enrique M.C., seized 4.90m3, boards and swinging of the Samán species.

In the second automotive Chevrolet Truck, white GSA-9557 plate, agents of the Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police, found 46 sacks of coal, that the driver Freddy Nery S.

In the cases the drivers agreed not to possess the mobilization permits, so the vehicle and forestry products were seized and transferred to a garage in the Lucia bridge, under the Ministry of the Environmental.

Major Wilson Coloma Altamirano, said that the controls to preserve wildlife and forestry is permanent and at any time of day, to prevent the movement of birds and timber species illegally, so he asked those who are dedicated to mobilize above all the forestry producer to do it complying  with the laws (Oswaldo Trujillo P. DNCE, Zone 8)

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