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The Police seizes products that attempt against the health of the people in the Piso Mall



Agents investigators of the Section Specialized in Investigations of Misdemeanors of the Judicial Police, arrested in the streets Buena Fe and Domingo Norero, sector of the Mall of the Floor, to the citizen María Magdalena TO, of 49 years, for the presumed crime against the health and contamination of inputs for human consumption.

The arrest occurred at 5:00 pm on Monday, as a result of investigations that police officers undertook to locate people who are engaged in counterfeiting artisanal products that threaten the health of people.

The investigations took the agents to the aforementioned streets, a place from where perishable products are commercialized. After registration and verification, it was determined that many products did not comply with the respective sanitary registrations.

As a result of the operation, with the consent of the Prosecutor’s Office, the citizen was arrested, María Magdalena T. O., and proceeded to the seizure of 359 envelopes of adulterated coffee, 600 cigarettes and 35 artisan cigars that could not justify their legal provenance.

The prosecutor who accompanied the investigating agents ordered that the merchandise be withdrawn and admitted to the warehouses of the Judicial Police and the apprehended to the Center for the Deprivation of Liberty of Zone 8. (Oswaldo Trujillo, Patricio Vilema, DNCE, Zone 8) .

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