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The police seize a revolver in Montebello



At 22:00 on Sunday at Av. 42 and Luis Robles Plaza, personnel from the preventive axis of the Montebello Circuit intercepted the Bajaj tricimoto, a cockpit without license plates in which three passengers were riding.

The police servants who established a control operation by the Montebello cooperative, for the control and deterrence of the criminal acts, observed the passage of the three-wheeled traffic against and high speed, proceeding to pursue and intercept it in the above-mentioned direction.

During the procedure that consisted of carrying out a body search to its occupants Bryan Roberto GR, José Andrés CP, Robinson Iván CP, and in the structure of the tricimoto a black bag was found that when being checked a black bag was found in the back of the seat containing a stirring lime. 38, loaded with two cartridges.

Given the finding and because it was a flagrant crime, the three suspects were transferred to the Flagrancy Unit of Albán Borja and placed under the orders of the public prosecutor, for flagrante delicto, the motorcycle and the weapon entered in the warehouses of the Judicial Police of Zone 8 for the relevant legal purposes (Oswaldo Trujillo P. DNCE, Zone 8).

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