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Police retain about 80 thousand dollars in contraband merchandise



The Border Contingency Unit (UCOFN) of the National Police dealt a heavy blow to smuggling on Sunday night, a truck PXE-0973 plate, was retained for transporting illegal merchandise.

At 9:00 pm on Sunday, police officers from the Valle del Amanecer District, who were carrying out routine patrolling in the area of responsibility, noticed that a van chevrolet brand, color wine was circulating with a load in the back. The driver ignored the signals of the uniformed people who asked him to stop the march of the car and at high speed he tried to escape from the place.

With the help of other units, the vehicle was intercepted in the sector of the roundabout of Gonzales Suares, where the uniformed officers checked the load that the van was carrying, whose driver did not have the documents that would allow him to transport the merchandise.

Several cartons with cigarettes, vitamins, clothing was confiscated in this operation of the UCOFN avoiding a damage to the state in an approximate amount of 80 thousand dollars.


The driver transported a total of  307600 units of cigarettes of different brands, 8 units of t-shirts, 5 units of bottles of bottles of vitamins, 15 units of collagen and 11pieces of clothing for women, merchandise that will then be transferred to the warehouses of the operational base of the SENAE  in Yahuarcocha as well as the vehicle. (P. Meneses-SZImbabura/DNCE)

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