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Police avoid sale of 95 260 doses of cocaine in Imbabura



In a joint operation carried out between police officers and members of the Ecuadorian Army in the rural parish of Lita, canton Ibarra, the citizen Henry Yasmany B. S. was arrested for transporting and trafficking classified substances subject to control.

The citizen would have left from San Lorenzo aboard a Chevrolet vehicle, silver plate GSK-5136, with address to Ibarra; He was intercepted in the military control «Soldier Domingo Yépez», where police officers of the Anti-Narcotics Mobile Special Group (GEMA) and Special Operations Group (GOE) also carried out their work.

The vehicle was carefully checked by the uniformed personnel who found in the rear fender, under the guide lights, 10 packages wrapped with adhesive tape, with a beige granulated substance, which after the chemical analysis turned out to be cocaine with a net weight of 9526.3 grams.

The citizen was apprehended and placed under the orders of the competent authority, while the vehicle and the illegal substance were transferred to the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters of Ibarra.

With this joint operative action it was avoided that around 95260 doses of cocaine were commercialized. The fight against micro-trafficking and the sale of narcotics continue unabated in the province, said Maj. Nelson Basantes, Chief Counter-Narcotics of Imbabura (Lic. P. Meneses-SZImbabura / DNCE)

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