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Police arrested to Citizen transporting 10 tons of chemical precursor



The Chemical Unit of the National Antinarcotics Directorate (DNA), during an interdiction control on roads in the province of Imbabura, intercepted a truck-type vehicle that transported a chemical substance with a mobilization guide dated 2017. The truck and the substance were retained, while the driver Lenin Ramiro ZG was apprehended and placed under orders of the respective authority.

On Saturday night, police servers from the DNA Chemists Unit performed control on the road axis E35, in coordination with the unit of the Regional Center for Canine Training (CRAC) intercepted the Hino brand truck, white plate PAC-3004, when he tried to pass the Mask integrated control. When it was revised, the soldiers discovered that inside the metal van they were carrying 400 jute bags with the LA TRONCAL logo that appeared to contain sugar, but they noticed that 400 plastic bags with the legend CALCIUM CHLORIDE (calcium chloride) were camouflaged.

The substance found was subjected to the field test with the respective chemical reagent whose result was positive for Calcium Chloride, with an approximate gross weight of 10,000,000 grams, a substance that according to the Regulation of the Comprehensive Prevention Law of the Socioeconomic Phenomenon Drug and of Regulation and Control of the use of Cataloged Substances Subject to Control, is subject to control.

When reviewing the documents presented by the driver, it was verified that neither the date nor the content of the cargo corresponded, ie the papers were not legitimate, so the police officers retained the truck and the substance. (Lic. Meneses V.-SZImbabura / DNCE)

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