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Parents of young university students thank the National Police for locating their missing son



Between tears and hugs, the young Anthony Zambrano and his family reunited after six days of being disappeared in Quito. This event took place at the premises of the National Directorate of Crimes Against Life, Violent Deaths, Disappearances, Extortion and Kidnappings (Dinased), where its director Colonel Victor Araúz highlighted the coordinated work of the police institution, to locate the university.

The senior official said that Anthony was located on the afternoon of April 30 by agents of the Dinased, in coordination with the Preventive Police of the Metropolitan District of Guayaquil, October 9 Avenue. The boy was disoriented, his clothes dirty and all he remembered was apparently the city from which he was born.

In the midst of tears, Anthony’s mother; Gloria Limones, congratulated the National Police for the work they did in locating their son. He thanked God that his son was alive; Since the last time he saw it was on April 24 when he entered the Benalcazar stop Ecovía, in the north of the capital.

The excitement of seeing his son was also shared by Antonhy’s stepfather, William Salazar, who highlighted the support and professionalism of the uniformed institution through the Dinased. «They from the first moment of the disappearance were offered their full support,» he said.

To the agents of the Dinased, it took them six days to find the whereabouts of the young man, who was wanted in the Ecuadorian capital and the country. The protocols of action of search and location of disappeared persons were activated, for which all human and technological resources were used. The security cameras were verified, to be able to locate it.

Coordination was carried out with the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), Migration, as well as different public and private institutions; His photograph was disseminated, so that he could have some clue of his whereabouts.


The National Police, through the Dinased, shows its permanent commitment to citizens, to resolve the cases of missing persons, acting immediately, timely and effective. C.P./Quito / DNCE


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