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“Operativo Impacto 154” carried out in Guayaquil leaves six detainees and more than 5000 doses of drugs seized



A total of 5,142 doses of drugs and six suspected micro-traffickers arrested is the result of the operation «Impacto 154», developed in the sector of La Chala, where 9 houses, which used them as storage centers, were searched by order of the competent authority, distribution and expendio.

The Head of the Anti-Narcotics Unit of Zone 8, Major Guillermo Palacios López, who commanded the operation «Impacto 154», which investigative management tasks, for the lapse of two months, has led the Anti-narcotics Unit, to know its members, the modus operandi that they used to supply and distribute the drug from their homes and other elements that led to establish the operation in coordination with the Office of the Prosecutor.

Guillermo Palacios Lopez, said that with all the elements collected during the two months of investigations, through an urgent act has been processed before a competent judge search warrants and capture of suspects and with the collaboration of tactical teams of the Mobile Anti-narcotics Task Force (GEMA), Regional Canine Training Center (CRAC), Maintenance Unit of order (UMO), and Criminalistics, execute the operation in which the 5,142 doses of drugs have been confiscated.

Major Guillermo Palacios López also expressed that the persons who have been arrested, who respond to the names of Douglas Winston E. U., Emmanuel Edilberto D. U., Angelica Jennifer A. E., José Gregorio L. C., Carmen María L. P., and

Darwin Fernando L. C., have been placed under orders of the Prosecutor for flagrante delicto, while the drug has been admitted to one of the warehouses of the Anti-narcotics Unit.

Finally, the head of the Anti-narcotics Unit of Zone 8, Major Guillermo Palacios López, indicated that the citizen complaints to the 1800DELITOS are and will be of the utmost importance to dismantle the organizations of micro-traffickers of the prohibited substances that cause so much damage to children, and youth particularly to society in general (Oswaldo Trujillo P. DNCE, Zone 8).

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