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In search find vehicle parts of dubious origin



Operational Mega Impacto 4, continue to give good results. The investigation works to locate and dismantle criminal organizations dedicated to the theft of cars, motorcycles, accessories and auto parts made by police officers of the Judicial Police of Imbabura, allowed to locate a commercial place where they would be selling spare parts of vehicles of dubious origin.

With the information obtained, the police officers managed to obtain a search warrant issued by the judge of the Criminal Judicial Unit. In compliance with the order, uniformed in company with the public prosecutor on duty entered the premises located on Jaime Rivadeneira Avenue and Juan de Dios Navas, which sells automotive parts of different brands.

During the verification of the products sold on the premises, the owner did not present the documentation of several new and used spare parts that justify the legal origin of the same, so they were retained and transferred to the warehouses of the Judicial Police of Ibarra.

Spare parts

Among the evidences retained consist of 6 hydraulic steering boxes, 10 radiators, 1 differential case, 1 rear axle, 1 base box and 2 shock absorbers, which are now under chain of custody while performing the relevant legal procedures. (P Meneses-SZImbabura / DNCE)

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