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General Commander and the Counter Narcotics Directorate of the Police were decorated in the event «Gala with the Great»



For the professional career within the police institution and service to the Ecuadorian community in the fight against crime, Gen. Nelson Villegas Ubillus, general commander of the National Police, the National Anti-narcotics Directorate and General Tannya Varela Coronel, commander of Zone 8, received the decoration Eloy Alfaro «Symbol of Freedom».

The statuette that represents the liberal leader, General Eloy Alfaro and that recognizes the effort of journalists and entrepreneurs at a national level, was delivered by the Confederation of Journalists of Ecuador, Thursday night during the ceremony called, Gala with the Great, held in the Aula Magna of the University of Specialties Espíritu Santo (UEES), located in the canton of Samborondón, province of Guayas.

The Academic Coordinator of this Confederation, René Iñiguez, indicated that after a daily follow-up analysis of monitoring strategies and results that are structured to benefit the community, communication professionals in Guayaquil and prominent figures were chosen. for its contribution to the growth and development of the country.

Gen. Nelson Villegas Ubillus, was the first to receive the «Symbol of Freedom» award, followed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Diennaryati Tjokrosuprihatono, who thanked for the designation and pointed out that these events undoubtedly help to strengthen cooperation with Ecuador.

One of the statuettes of «El Viejo Luchador» was given to Crnl. Edwin Noguera Cozar, representing the National Anti-narcotics Directorate of the National Police, which was recognized for its work in the fight against drug trafficking and micro-trafficking throughout the Ecuadorian territory.

Little by little and with applause, the awards were given to communication professionals in Guayaquil, such as Jorge Rendón, Andrés Yumblot, Liz Valarezo, Rafael Cuesta, among other social communicators. They were also awarded Marlon Mendoza, entrepreneur Manabi and the Lcda. Maribel Pazmiño, entrepreneur from the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. (O. Reyes DNCE-Zone 8)

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