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Frustrated home robbery and arrest two citizens



Two citizens, including one of foreign nationality, were apprehended in flagrante delicto when they held a 50-inch plasma television and trying to board a taxi-type vehicle on Vicente Ramón Roca and Cristóbal Colón streets in Otavalo. The video cameras of the ECU911 system served to alert the police officers who immediately went to the place.

The two women were observed by the video surveillance cameras when they tried to open a door of a 4-story building. When the uniformed arrived, they tried to escape from the place leaving the TV next to the taxi. The citizens Nacari Dubraska P. L., 36 years old and Elizabeth Gabriela R., 20 years old, were neutralized a few meters away, they did not justify the legal origin of the television.

The uniformed soldiers of the Judicial Police, supported by police officers from the Motorized Operations Group (GOM), continued with their work and discovered that another 52-inch television was in the corridor of the building. They also observed that the locks on the doors of two apartments on the second floor were forced.

The police officers discovered that the crime involved four people, of which the two women were fully recognized by local residents.

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