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Can Rex detected 600 doses of marijuana in Mascarilla



Can Rex III of the Canine Unit of Antinarcotics Mascarilla, detected two cases of substance subject to inspection within a black backpack, owned by citizen Franklin Octavio P.C., that was mobilized on board a passenger bus that met the Tulcan-Tabacundo route.

On Tuesday night, the passenger bus arrived at Mascarilla’s integrated control, in the personal place of the Canine Unit with support from the anti-narcotics canon carefully checked the car and its passenger, giving the positive alert in a black nylon backpack.

Inside the backpack were two wrappings with a vegetable-colored substance green. In the presence of the duty prosecutor, the substance was subjected to the field test giving positive for marijuana with a net weight of 300 g. With the evidence found, the citizen was apprehended and placed at the orders of the respective authority. The subject does not record antecedents.

This police action prevented that about 600 doses of drugs reach their destination. (P. Meneses-SZImbabura)

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