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Arrested for illegal possession of a firearm



Yesterday, Saturday July 14, 2018, at approximately 22:50 in the October 7 circuit of the Quevedo-Mocache District, two citizens were apprehended for illegal possession of a firearm.

Police officers who were conducting preventive patrol, observed the presence of two people who were standing in a corner in an unusual way, trying not to attract the attention of the police passing by the place.

The apprehension of the citizen Wilson CH., Of 44 years and Ángel A., of, was possible in the streets Bolívar and Décima, center of the City, in power of the first one of the named ones was found a firearm, revolver type, 38 caliber, handmade, without cartridges.

The National Police of Ecuador, continues with its firm work to work for citizen security, protect the rights and integrity of people and maintain order with the objective that all Ecuadorians live in a safe and reliable environment.

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