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Anti-crime operations are carried out daily in Morona Santiago



The National Police of Ecuador through the Sub-Zone Morona Santiago No. 14, performs operations on the routes of entry and exit of the province, in order to make known which roads are enabled and closed because of the torrential rains that afflict the Amazon.


In addition, the Motorized Operative Group (GOM) carries out preventive patrols with the objective of reducing violent deaths and criminal incidence in places of entertainment and night entertainment, removing libadores from public spaces, closing and closing economic units, dedicated to the sale of alcohol outside the established hours.


In the same way personal policiclos, is present in the entrance and exit of the different educative centers of the province, making detours of traffic for vehicular congestion, in order to avoid accidents, abuses and thus to protect the life of all those who pass through the place.   /SzMoronaSantiago/DNCE/.

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