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Amazona farinose parrot rescued by the UPMA



Police servers of the Environmental Unit (UPMA) together with officials of the Ministry of the Environment (MAE) rescued a wildlife specimen known as Amazon parrot, in the sector of the Community Police Unit (UPC) Guayabillas, the previous Saturday in Ibarra

A telephone call to the ECU 9-1-1 system of a citizen, reported on the presence of a bird in the yard of his home. The dogs that live in the property endangered the life of the wild specimen so he decided to ask for help to the police servers.

When arriving at the place, the specialists of the UPMA verified that it was a wild bird known as «mazona farinose parrot», apparently in a normal state. After the rescue of the bird was transferred to the dependencies of the Ministry of the Environment after the veterinary medical check-up to be located in its natural habitat.


The parrots, it has a maximum length of 40 cm, predominant green plumage, something grayish on the nape and back; the back may be yellowish. The skin border around the eyes is broad and white; the dark peak at the upper edge and lighter at the sides and at the base. On the edge of the wings (under the shoulders) have orange-reddish feathers. The lower half of the tail is yellow green.

Live animals and their feathers are trafficked; its activity is diurnal and it is under 900 m. (Lic. P. Meneses V.-SZImbabura / DNCE)

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