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A citizen was arrested for transporting 20 kilos of marijuana in Mascarilla



The Counternarcotics Headquarters in its fight against trafficking and micro-trafficking of controlled substances subject to control arrested the citizen Edison Javier P. Ch. Who intended to arrive in Ibarra with 20 kilos of camouflaged marijuana in a cage-type compartment adapted to the Suzuki brand vehicle, PPA-4463 plates.

On Tuesday morning, the police of the unit against trafficking for internal consumption (UCTCI) of the National Antinarcotics Directorate (DNA), which carried out control work in the Mascarilla sector, stopped the blue car in the that the now arrested was mobilized. When being registered, the uniformed ones found in the later seats a cove in which they were hidden 24 packages type brick wrapped with tape of packing, in its interior a vegetal substance green color.

The substance was subjected to the respective homologated preliminary identification tests which resulted positive for marijuana with a net weight of 20,000 grams.

With this operative action, around 40 thousand doses of drugs were prevented from reaching their destination. Meanwhile, the citizen was placed under the orders of the respective authority for their pertinent legal procedure (Lic. P. Meneses V.-SZImbabura / DNE)

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