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10.05 m3 of forest product retained by the UPMA



A truck of IBC-8665 plates white color, that transported forest product was retained in the police control of San Gerónimo.

Police servers of the Environment Unit (UPMA), in coordination with officials of the Ministry of Environment of Quito, carried out forest control in the sector of San Gerónimo, located on the Ibarra-San Lorenzo highway. To the place arrived the vehicle driven by O. P.

In the police control, the police officers of the UPMA checked the load of the truck verifying that it was transporting around 10.05 m3 of wood in rubber, pichango and arabisco boards, which were retained whenever the driver had an administrative authorization whose information was not It was the correct one.

The truck and the retained forest product were transferred and admitted to the retention yards of Yuyucocha in Ibarra, while the pertinent legal procedures are carried out (Lic. P. Meneses V.-SZImbabura / DNCE)

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